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The Woman’s Club of Asbury Park was founded in 1900 as a service organization with local community focus as well as to create an organized center of thought and action among women for their intellectual and social advancement and through united efforts to assist in civic and philanthropic work.

Our Purpose

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2022 - 2024
President’s Message

I am honored, humbled and privileged to be your incoming Asbury Park Club President for 2022-2024. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor Susan Meeker Paul for her leadership and outstanding contributions. The growth of our club has been propelled collectively by our club ladies.  I am inspired by their commitments and all of their achievements.

As we navigate the challenges that come before us each day, let us face tomorrow’s challenges in our journey of “We We Are,” Seasoned and New members telling their stories so that we celebrate each other and broaden our horizons.

Let us stand together AS ONE with our TIME, TALENT, and SERVICE to others.

In Federation Sisterhood,
Gwendolyn M. Lewis

2022-2024 Board of Directors
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